New Car Sunshade Multicolor Tarpaulin

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Sun Shade Anti-UV, Bird Dung Proof,
Water-Proof, Fallen Leaves Proof, Snow Wind Proof
Double Wind Resistance Design Up To Level 7

Suction cups, windproof ropes, and windproof hooks protect the roof tent, which can effectively resist strong winds of 5-7 levels.

First: The 4 windproof ropes are evenly distributed on the four corners of the hood. As long as the windproof rope is hooked, the stability of the hood can be guaranteed during use. The windproof rope adopts a plastic lock, which is not easy to scratch the paint.

Second: The link between the tarpaulin and the skeleton is a semi-fixed connection with snaps. When the wind reaches level 5, the buttons will automatically disengage, so that the tarpaulin and the skeleton are separated, which has the effect of releasing force and protects the skeleton from being broken. . The tarpaulin is made of Temi 210D Oxford cloth. The fiberglass rod has high strength, good elasticity and anti-aging.

Anti-theft Design

To protect your car tent from being stolen, it is equipped with an anti-theft strap to connect the car tent to the car. The steel wire is embedded in the anti-theft rope, which is not easy to cut.

The operation is simple, as long as the anti-theft rope is clamped into the door, the anti-theft effect can be achieved.

The Difference Between Full-Automatic And Semi-Automatic

Open Method:

The fully automatic mobile hood is opened by remote control, which is more cool in visual experience and full of technology.

The semi-automatic mobile hood is opened manually.


The fully automatic mobile hood is mainly composed of motor, battery and controller. The battery is removable for easy charging.

Semi-automatic mobile canopy, powered by a hydraulic booster lever. Manual opening is effortless. No need to charge, more flexibility.

Except for the above differences, there is no difference in other materials, structure and appearance.

Easy To Use

Net weight: 3.6-5.2kg/7.94-11.46lb, the folded length is about 75-102cm/29.53-40.16in, it can be easily put into the trunk, it is very suitable for everyone to use the mobile car canopy.

The new automatic folding structure and precise hydraulic assist system ensure the convenience of operation. It can be unfolded with a gentle pull, and it can be stowed with a gentle push.

Effective Sun Protection And Cooling

When the car is exposed to the sun for a long time, the temperature inside the car can reach as high as 80°C/176°F. At this time, the car will accelerate aging and release harmful gases.

After using the canopy, it can effectively reduce the temperature to around 30°C/86°F. Because there is an air flow layer between the hood and the roof, even if the temperature of the hood increases, the heat will not be conducted into the car.

With an outdoor stand, it can be used for camping, lawn dinners, fishing, outdoor stadiums, swimming pool loungers, outdoor yoga, etc.