Makeup tools Electric Washing Machine

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Mini cleaning device, designed in the shape of a real washing machine, you can wash your makeup brushes, sponge, powder puff, and so on, can clean them well without any hurts, and save you time and energy. Say goodbye to the dirt of your brushes and puffs, and experience the incredible efficiency of the device.


You will only need 2 AA batteries.

You can pour water into the washer, turn on the switch, and the washing machine starts to rotate, like a real washer.
Please pay attention to water not too much, too much water will overflow.
Drain the water using the hose when finished.


Made with high-quality materials, strong and durable. Stable rotation, low vibration, easy to hold. 

Material: ABS

Optional Colors: Pink, Blue, Black

Size: app.10.5x7.5x7.5cm/4.12x2.95x2.95in


It is a great gift and toy for kids who love role-playing games. Whether it's a cleaning make-up tool or a toy, it's very interesting to use.