2022 NEW Portable Magnetic Power Bank

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This magnet can turn your mobile phone or mobile phone protective cover into the magnetic safety magnet you want to place. For iphone12 series or Magnetic case, no magnet is needed. Support all Qi mobile phone wireless charging For iphone 8-12 xiaomi Samsung
Product Description:
5000mAh:Lightning + type-c interface
10000mAh:USB-C + type-c interface
super fast charging
[product parameters]: PD20w power bank + 15W wireless charger
[product capacity]: 5000mAh/10000mAh
[product size]: 5000mAh:100*65*10mm 120g/10000mAh 110*68*17 mm 185g
Standard configuration: package + machine + data line + instruction
[product features]:
1. Pd20w magnetic absorption power bank + 15W wireless charging
2. The charging protocol is stable and does not burn.
3.Wireless charging for mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets