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Refresh Harness® | Harness & Leash in 1

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The safest harness for all dogs

Many traditional dog harnesses and neck collars are harmful to our four-legged friends. The use of such harnesses can lead to neck injuries and discomfort, compromising the well-being of our beloved dogs during walks and activities.

The Refresh Harness offers the solution to ensure the well-being of our dogs. The unique design reduces neck strain and possible injuries. The Refresh Harness provides a healthier and safer experience for our furry friends, allowing them to enjoy every walk to the fullest.

No more sagging lines

No more hassle with a loose line that gets in the way or that your dog can get tangled in.

The line rolls up automatically and always remains at the correct length. This ensures a streamlined and worry-free walking experience, where you and your dog can move freely without the hindrance of a loose leash.

The leash can be compared to a car seat belt that automatically retracts and stops when you pull quickly.

With the Refresh Harness, every walk becomes a pleasant and safe experience for you and your four-legged friend.

2000+ dog lovers love the Refresh Harness

Thousands of satisfied customers have gone before you and discovered how the Refresh Harness has improved their walking experience. Be surprised by the freedom your dog will experience without a loose leash. With the Refresh Harness, you can enjoy every step of your adventurous path together.

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