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Lucento™️ | Enchanting LED Lamp Strip

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Experience the joy of soft and cozy lighting!

This innovative lamp has a round shape and comes with a retractable cable of no less than 10 meters . With its mesmerizing lighting, it has the power to transform any room.  

This 10 meter long LED light strip can be rolled up to the desired length, allowing you to illuminate and brighten up any room. The IPX4 waterproof feature makes it safe to use both indoors and outdoors.  

With Lucento™️ you never have to mess with extension cords and clumsy lamps again. The adjustable length makes it easy to find the perfect amount of light wherever you are, making it perfect for parties and events .   


✅  Creates a warm atmosphere at your camping spot -  The LED lights from Lucento™️ provide a warm and cozy light, creating an atmospheric environment at your camping spot. The light is not too bright and does not dazzle, so you can comfortably enjoy your camping adventure at night.

✅  EASY TO USE -  With the convenient handle, you can hang the lamp effortlessly and adjust the length to suit any occasion. You can easily roll it in and out and adjust the length to your liking. 

✅  USB Rechargeable -  It's always ready to use, no need to change batteries or look for a power outlet. Bring a touch of magic to any setting, from stargazing to romantic dining, with the Lucento™️.

✅  IPX4 waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use -  Lucento™️'s IPX4 waterproof feature makes it perfectly suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you have a party in the garden or a romantic dinner at home, this lamp strip can handle any environment.

How to use:

  1. Remove the lamps from the packaging
  2. Hang the lamps in the desired place
  3. Turn on the lights and enjoy the cozy atmosphere


  • Power supply:  charging
  • Afmeting: 11 x 3,6 cm

Package Include:

  • 1 x Lucento™️

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